H​.​E​.​R​.​E (How Emcees Really Educate)

by Omniverses (Vague, Bad FX, Merklynn, Teknical Devlopment)

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Omniverses present H.E.R.E (How Emcees Really Educate)

Omniverses: Vague, Bad FX, Merklynn, Teknical Development. IS

Omniverses debut EP, A contribution of sounds and words through the art of expression.

H.E.R.E is a simple reflection of how London based Omniverses crew see things and experience life.
Built up of 7 solid tracks with a production team who consist of Figub Brazlevic, AK420, Moicano Beats, Bad FX, and Tufu.

Omniverses H.E.R.E will make room for the release of a full LP currently in the making.

Happy listening Peoples

H.E.R.E (How Emcees Really Educate)

Limited Vinyl Edition 03/04/2016 on HHV



released July 17, 2015

All Lyrics written by Omniverses:
Bad Fx, Vague, Merklynn, Teknical Development .IS

Album Cover by Drawnautica

1. From The Heart (prod by AK420)
2. Omnibars (prod by Tufu)
3. Not The Type Of Cat (prod by Figub Brazlevic)
4. The Pens Reach (prod by Moicano Beats)
5. Dreamy Skit (prod by Bad Fx)
6. These Days (prod by AK420)
7. Members Of The Headnod Clan (prod by Figub Brazlevic)

*All Songs Mastered by Figub Brazlevic

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all rights reserved


Omniverses London, UK

Omniverses are London based Hip Hop Crew.

Vague, Bad FX, Merklynn, Teknical Development. IS

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Track Name: From The Heart
Verse One written by Bad FX

You knew it from the start I do it from the heart/
While these band wagon emcees are ruining the art/
You better choose another path ain't no more room here for your clart/
Hitting you with information as I threw another dart/
Your ear drum, was the bullseye bullshit ain't never fooled I/
Flow setting, boom nap stepping reppin for the real/
Energy and skill yea we got a lot of that/
The homie Merklyn verses coming with a lot of facts/
Teks vocals devastating like the sound of children crying/
With the same passion naa there's no denying/
You might even find yourself flying/
As vague opens up his larynx this rhyming shit gets kinda violent/
You can check my timing, it's exact like the second hands on a clock/
Precise and never planing to stop/
Coz I do it from the heart and spit it from the gut/
When I'm on the mic you know exactly what is up/

Verse Two written by Teknical Development.IS

Talk to spirits/
Bless this page before Tek spit/
No priest within my world/
Its just the word of self/
The craft is real/
Words squares that spell your name/
The wicked ways exist/
Do we need to open up the new pages?/
Let the secrets spill/
Fuck a new age, the loop of life is never ending/
Praise the sun and run for your life/
Get kicked down some steps on some bullshit/
Sacrifice a rhyme for your life/
You die on stage/
Lets test these waters/
Back to the twisted arts of Tek/
Do it for the love/
Always love and respect/
Rights and wrongs, just watch what you do/
Learn how to destroy the karma/
Forgive the self for disturbance/
And shouts to psychedelic faces/
Sometimes the drugs don't work/
Methods of the self, Learn.Teach/
We do this for a love/
Such a wonderful world/
Expel theses words/
Reverse the stress/

Verse Three written by Vague

Do it from the heart, but before you start/
You got to have one in the first place/
But it's hard to have one when you live in da worst place/
I use my light to nullify all of the earth's hate/
Use the left side of my brain to keep my mind right/
My aura illuminate/
Now I can make it shine bright/
Open up your eye sight/
So you can see, this is what we usually do/
When we spit these bars/
Repping how we choose to be/
Cos rapping ain't new to me/
Allow me to borrow your ears for a moment/
So I can explain what it do to me/
Even if continental plates had collided/
When I spit my attention still remains undivided/
It's like nothing else matters but me and this microphone/
Free styling in my dome/
Every time that I'm alone/
It's only true spittas understanding the love/
This shit fits naturally like a hand in a glove/
Track Name: Omnibars
Verse One written by Bad Fx

Clever with them lyrics, deliver them heavenly and be severing your spirit/
See my sentences u hear it and try to interpret-ate/
But the flow bowls you over and leaves you down on your face/
Shit I'm leaving you with a taste, in your mouth kinda sour/
From trying to devour my rhymes, you'll never have my power/
Even if you had my microphone and rhyme boo one glimpse will leave your mind shook/
And you'll never decipher it just because of the time took/
When OMV touch the streets suckers flee they heard about/
How we be pulling out Baseball bats to buss your knee/
U fuck with me you will loose we are who everyone will choose/
And that's a given like when my alarm goes I will snooze/
Walk my path and put ur feet into a pair of real shoes/
Then peep up everybody feels you/
Ya rapping but your rapping just ain't smacking none/
Your lacking cuz what happened to the passion blud/

Verse Two written by Vague

Imagine a world where everyone's indulging in sin/
Bad minds saturate the globe overflowing the brim/
The ones that's most selfish are the closest to win/
The people feel the evil inside but not holding it in/
These are the type of situations i'm supposed to live in?/
Wat should I roll over on my back I'm supposed to give in?/
Fuck that! I'd rather die with honour than live without it/
I release a sonic boom dats rounded/
From a stance that's grounded/
Multiple ear drums pounded, now look at what the sound did/
Kings become drunk with power thats what the crown did/
In this anarchist world, the illusion is order/
There's heads in the Gaza Strip shooting mortars across the borders/
Fathers get slaughtered in front of daughters/
But the authors don't report this/
Remorseless take the truth and just distort it/
I see protruding limbs amongst the rubble rigor mortis/
And is kind of morbid described as sordid/
I never thought this, world was so fucked with poverty/
Too many poor kids, just need a little sun power to bloom like a orchid/
In this world the weak get extorted/
I stay ready like crisp that's salted, i live this way until shit is sorted/

Verse Three written by Teknical Development.IS

Tryna fly like Pete Tosh/
Pick the self to find the answers/
Word it holding down the page/
Spit from the mind/
Ghost stories like if this real/
Lets test these spiritual waters/
Esoteric methods, peep the Ism/
The force and form/
Mixed before the concluded results/
Poke fun at the different/
Beware on the moments of the hidden/
Give a fuck about what one thinks of the other side/
I know it exist, just the facts of the path/
Uphold the glory, drop the seeds of new growth/
Stoned like its my last days on this spinning planet/
No fear, chillin with my peoples/
The mind is black/
New patterns appear/
Another construct, signs in the dark/
Master keys is free/
Best believe in the self/
Or find a chair and a rope/
Take a last toke/
Spill some percentage and steady climb/
Enjoy the ride, the jewels of this suicide/

Verse Four written by Merklynn

False prophets, charlatans/
Laughable parliaments/
Rabbi priest molesting baby with no Karma met/
Confused martyrs stranded/
Handed their anger by quiets words, multiple deaths and propaganda/
Peep the situation, women alienated/
Covered faces hide the pain and torture/
Mass graves harbour the stench of slaughter/
Mines and shrapnel leave the landscape forever altered its deep can we afford this/
The sordid sword tip, unmanned shit like dog faeces/
Arm chair warriors, launching like toy Frisbees/
My vessel shudders, as I rise to vocalise, thought transmissions through words uttered/
People aint born puppets/
Peeps are just born, fuck it/
More time its other peoples nuggets they covet/
Socio economic demonic denominations/
Tainting the soul for strategic operations/
Track Name: Not The Type Of Cat
Verse One Written by Vague

I'd like you all to close your eyes and forget the space your in/
Engage your diaphragm prepare your lungs to start taking in/
Just breathe slowly, nothing else in the room it's you only/
Now that the mood is set, I'd like to show you respect/
By humbly, requesting your attention/
The things that I mention could help you in your in your old age like a pension/
If you need divine intervention/
The Omniverses here to put your mind in dimensions/
That you ain't use to, and the things we do-do/
Might be considered unusual, but I love to hang loose/
Like Hawaiians in Honolulu/
The nineties was rocking Fubu/
Ain't trying watch what you do,/
This is more nutritious than Calaloo/
Do what we have to do, as long as it's tangible/
The OMV got plans to do, actual things like bringing facts to you/
You never had a clue, you're living purely on instinct just a like a animal/
With logic applied you'll find the balance inside and.../

Verse Two Written by Bad FX

I'm not the type of cat you wanna fool with/
Nor am I the type to listen to you chattering your bullshit/
Us emcees could make u do a full flip/
Dropping them gems never rapping bout cool whips (whys that)/
Coz there's way too much of that already/
And everybody’s breading everybody (yea that was heavy)/
Yea right except your flow wasn't air tight/
Soon as you peeped them omniverses you got scared right/
We a different category making emcees feels inferior but that's another story/
Shit you had to bore me, didn't ya with your bullshit literature/
I can't wait to get rid of ya my, people will finish ya/
Badder than Dillinger slamming a pill in ya JD and coke/
Serious flow never take me for jokes/
Forever coming with thy newness even over old school hits/
I'm not the type of cat you wanna fool with/

Verse Three Written by Teknical Development.IS

From Cats and Dogs to human beings/
Walking loving on this planet/
Nothing but love/
Skill on the page/
Expression displayed/
Connection is made/
Cut the chords to face the silent life/
Bless this stillness/
Painful when this silence whispers/
Poisonous seeds/
Error manifest the new path/
A lust in action/
Hard to address/
Easy does it/
Calm and correct/
Display the arms of deaths grip/
We never slip/
Everywhere Tek exist/
Far from unique/
Bright lights that light the mind/
No time but the now to express/
The wrath of the math/
Omniverses we never lost/
We always found/
Present before the seconds form realities equations/
Track Name: The Pens Reach
Hook written by Merklynn

Articulate the pens reach/
Bars are wealthy/
We rep OMV so hail when the pen speaks/
Hips hops been leaking knowledge since day dot/
We have no plans of ever letting it stop

Articulate the pens reach/
Bars are wealthy/
We rep OMV so hail when the pen speaks/
Spilling that knowledge ever since day dot/
Hip hop, we have no plans of ever letting it stop/

Verse One written by Bad FX

The marvellous fatherless on the street/
Grow up with the vibe just to survive by any means/
Coming like a uniform to keep knives up in the jeans/
Daily robbery, yea it seems vital for the c.r.e.a.m/
Never had the same choice as the rest, life was harsh/
Graduated from the school of hard knocks and learnt fast/
Branded as the underdog looked down on by second class/
Knew early, this kind of life could never last/
Pushing threw life with a don't give a fuck don't give a rass mentality/
Wouldn't do so what was the plan to be, righteous/
He put on life's window wipers and saw the light cuz/
No longer was he so quick to make a fight bruk/
Making sure of peace and no beef before the nights up/
Hanged ya dutty ways before ya life's up/
Be an example unto the yute dem coming up behind ya/
Coz all we need is love instead of protect ya neck and swing the Tek/
Leaving everybody dead it nuh mek nuh sense/

Verse Two written by Teknical Development.IS

Flowers burn lets start this ritual/
The mind is still, speak with symbols/
Blank pages open/
Now the arms embrace my written visions/
No rights or wrongs/
Just a way to try maintain a simple balance/
From natures trees to council estate flats/
You do the math/
Applying knowledge of self/
O here we go again/
Parables that don't make sense/
What rest in the darkness/
Will always manifest sparked by the light/
Where do you stand in the world of force and form?/
Animate this form/
From this world of the mind/
From theses words upon the page/
The 3rd fabrics is made/
Death takes place/
So now you hear it out the speakers/
Now my words is coded/
The only way I can explain it/
Conversations with my Mother/
From when i was a seed/
Yes please and yes indeed/
This is Omniverses
Tek yo' I'm out peace/

Verse Three written by Vague

In this eternal struggle, have to learn a hussle/
Know what they say every mickle have fe make a muckle/
Know what that means then it's time to get on your grind/
Learn a trade, stay sharper than a blade don't let the skill fade/
Better listen to what the fuck we say/
The generations can't repeat the same mistakes like it's on replay/
Feel this shit reload the song DJ/
And I reside with modest pride where the strongly stay/
Some say life is wasted on the youth/
I'm feeling naked in the booth spit the truth/
Spill my heart in every rhyme/
I'm 33 but I still ain't reached my prime/
Achieve a level that's divine younger heads can't fathom/
They try to comprehend but their brains start to spasm/
Must obtain inner wisdom so u can maintain in the system/
You get burnt from knowledge licking flames on a victim/
Get fuck out the way because Vague's on a mission!!!/

Hook written by Merklynn

Articulate the pens reach/
Bars are wealthy/
We rep OMV so hail when the pen speaks/
Hips hops been leaking knowledge since day dot/
We have no plans of ever letting it stop
Articulate the pens reach/
Bars are wealthy/
We rep OMV so hail when the pen speaks/
Spilling that knowledge ever since day dot/
Hip hop, we have no plans of ever letting it stop/
Track Name: Dreamy Skit
Track Name: These Days
Verse One written by Merklynn

I’m tryna reach for the stars but they ignore me/
Allowed my thoughts free devoid of malice and greed/
For now it’s not to be like the saying/
I’m weighing up my options praying for strength of will/
It takes skill deciphering fake from real/
The cyphers wheel, seeing the yin in the yang/
Perpetual motion when I’m flinging my slang/
And thought forms and such/
Basically it’s how you perceive life that equates to how your thoughts get touched/
And by what means/
The stars twinkle and gleam with dreams of connections/
With scattered souls across the cosmos/
Definitely not just ill/
My people legendary, thoughtfully real/
Tangible, feel the art through the mandible/
As I me angle jewels/

Verse Two written by Vague

Back muscles knotted, eyelids heavy/
Regardless of the weather/
Still rhyming steady/
The time is deadly, but my mind is ready/ Looking for Godly souls/
Trust it's hard to find this many/
Imagining, breaking free/
From chains that's been shackling/
The masses since before the days of Mary Magdelin/
It's time to drop some facts again/
Who knows when this crap will end/
The average wage don't increase/
But they rising the tax again/
Trying to make our backs give in/
Cod see we don't mean Jack to them/
Instead a paying tax to them/
I'd rather throw a axe at them/
That's how I feel when I struggle/
Can't pay the bills/
They trying to break the wills/
Of ones that demonstrate the skills/
Ahh! And the truth is they're scared of us/
If we unite then they can't come near to us/
But don't pull your buckee out/
If you're scared to bust/
Cos see we only need bredas that's there we can trust, and that's a must!/

Verse Three written by Teknical Development.IS

Past the world of rap/
Yo past the views on who the illess is/
Resides 4 brothers from 4 beautiful Mothers/
Four cyphers ill like the natural elements split/
Earth, Water, Fire Air to breath/
We spit this verse breath to live/
Important like getting together/
Synchronise this arts special/
Spit expression, ten years plus/
Over my dead body if this shit don't happen/
Omniverses Vinyl spinning like the guaranteed vision/
I wrote it, now I waitin patiently for the now/
To catch the future that I see/
Together spitiin written for our peoples/
Reminiscing on the labs/
Om, Sanskrit wrote on the skins/
Omniverses, rehearsing nothing/
Drop shit how we want/
Rap just a verse present from the mental point/
Time don't tell how ill we connect/
Omniverse from every sense yo/
Omniverse from every sense/

Verse Four written by Bad FX

When I was 18 got booted back to London/
Ran into some revolting niggas and slid up in the dungeon/
Those were the purest time yo it fun then/
Coming with them crazy rhymes and then we’d bump them/
In the whip or in the headphones/
On the radio or up on them shows we bussing them flows/
Then linking up to kung Fu parties/
Cranked from the off license coz that's where we got it started/
Studio life studio life glued to the mic/
That was all I knew stupidly tight/
Started venturing into producing making them beats/
Type of shit to boo your head and keep you moving your feet/
Hooked on the cubase and moved it up in my yard/
Production rate nearly tripled to raasss/
Two of my closest got it popping on the continent/
Coming with those crazy baselines and that higher higher knowledge shit/
The skills don't have to be displayed concealed like ninja blades/
Deadly enough to to put food on dinner plates/
Infinite rhyming would possible but not logical/
I'm unstoppable you stopping me isn't probable/
That's why on this OMV shit they ain't see this/
Coming that's why they running when time them see a we this/
Don't ever disrespect better you re assess your thesis/

Track Name: Members Of The Headnod Clan
Lloyd *Speech at start

Verse One written by Vague

God has endowed me with a special task that no ordinary man can endeavour/
The first thing required is broad shoulders to weather/
The stormy clouds second things you gotta be clever/
With foresight to build a dynasty that last forever/
Like planting a seed and watching it grow/
No stopping the flow, Omniverses in it for the love and not for the doe/
Like Bruce Lee Roy from Harlem I'm rocking the glow/
So let me lay down a foundation, and let the whole damn nation escape damnation/
Instead of Kings and Queens that own a Throne/
We been replaced with a society of clones and drones/
Apparently not cool talking on taboo subjects/
But you can't oust this huge flame with just a few buckets/
The elephant in the room is about to consume everything/
But we blind and can't react so we don't do anything/
I'd rather die than be a slave/
Most don't see it if it ain't blatant in your face/
So let me shed some light in the places where it's dark/
So why the fuck you think I'm called Torch/
Excuse me if I sound angry, that's cos I am/
Cos too many man don't understand/
Power doesn't grant a God given right to plunder land/
We need another plan, I'm down to fight, my left jab strikes like lightning/
Now here's the right that's my thunder hand!/

Verse Two written by Bad FX

Through different stages I step into the darkness of my mind/
And use the inspiration from my boy to spark another rhyme/
A yo we been there, talking out the hardest of the times/
But now my third eye shows another path for us to find/
Staying far from evil and bad mind people/
Who would see u suffering out in the street and straight leave you/
Coz “the earth nuh level” so the donkey says and yea he's right/
Hierarchy got the middle class ready to fight/
I've seen it all my life the phycology of using Christ/
Just to pacify the mind to conquer and divide/
Or divide and conquer however you see it its all bonkers/
Praying everyday my people rise up out their slumber/
Before they drag us under, muthafuckers succumbing to hunger/
Doing bullshit to make you wonder/
Do we deserve a second chance to rule the globe/
How we lost it in the first place (how) nobody knows/
But it ain't hard to tell like that Nas song/
Keep on doing fuckry to your people and your ass gone/
We gone keep on biting this ya flame ya as we march on/
Militant movements rolling tighter than Spartans/
Putting up resistance to sons of bitches hats moving twisted/
We are the gifted, take a look at what the spliff did/
As minds got opened rhymes got quoted/
It's high grade so I toked it the lines now potent/

Verse Three written by Teknical Development.IS

What's your ideals when the mind is black/
Hard to concentrate/
Focus on the love of self/
Everywhere you steer/
Corruption takes place/
Family members, global politics/
Social problems where I live/
Mothers stressing/
So i told her if it continues, avoid violence/
Turn the other cheek if not then its blood on my hands/
Relate to death, I know they listening/
A Mothers son will kill for her for nothing/
Bloodline ugly, cut my wrist to drain the self/
The mind in action display the mental worlds/
Both sides, black and white, you decide/
Nuthin perfect till the point of decisions/
The execution, the use of dark and the light/
Mental actions, the weapons of self/
The thought release energies/
Ones of the same the verbal spells/
From the eye of the holder/
On the word of the spirit/
Pass the question/
Is this the use of magic/
Fuck no, the mind of the IS/
Through the microphone device/
Like theses written words on paper/
Word to my Grand Farther/
Safe hands/
The plan is live life as always/
The past settles like the mind under no stress/
Settle seeds/
Can't wait for the soils to break/
And fuck a question/
When you know what you sow/
One life far, as we know/
Word to Lloyd/
Omniverses step on crews/
Spark the mind of the youth/

Verse Four written by Merklynn

The technician, techniques of expression/
My larynx propel speech with each breath and/
Stimulate Qi so my Kua can breathe/
Radiate the dantian so my flows increase/
Connect I to the all/
Dark wizard from the stars/
Terrian for now, but don’t label me in ya bars/
Realise the composition, from the ground up its star dust/
Etheric pilots living the dream/
Peep the notion, Lao Gong stay roasting/
Words breathe life like the Cambrian explosion/
This is handmade involvement, creation/
Building blocks of thought expressed through verbal activation/
Life is double edged like the sword I wield/
So make loyalty a must in the team you field/
Avoid crack hearts and scared personas/
To relinquish, heals the condition like medical marijuana/
Merklynn is now upon ya, the relic with bars/
Feel my resonance, don’t get confused by my avatar/
Heed the words of the fabricant Sonmi/
You can catch me riding tracks with the Gods they call OMV/
I’m out!!/